Lord Suparshvanath

Jain Tirthankars

Previous Births of Suparshvanath

Suparshvanath in his previous birth as king Nandisen of Kshetrapuri did harsh penance and deep spiritual practices. He then reincarnated as a god in the sixth Graveyak dimension.

Birth of Lord Suparshvanath

From the dimension of gods this soul descended into the womb of queen Prithvi Devi, wife of king Pratishthasen of Varanasi. One fine morning King was sitting with other honored members of the kingdom. They were serious as all four sides of the kingdom were endangered by the neighboring kingdoms who were ready to attack.

Another fine morning king Pratishthasen after offering his daily prayers was studying about the dreams and by chance the chapter on Tirthankara’s mothers dream opened. Suddenly Queen Prithvi Devi approached him and asked what the King was up to and if she had not disturbed him. King welcomed the queen and told her what he was reading. On hearing the topic, queen Prithvi asked the king of she could read the same. Happily the king handed over the book to her. As queen went on reading the glow on her face went on increasing. She said, “Dear! Very early this morning I too had these dreams”.