Lord Pushpadanta

Jain Tirthankars

Previous Births of Pushpadanta

Lord Pushpadanta (or Suvidhinath) in his earlier incarnation was King Mahapadma of Pushkalvati Vijay. He had done hard and deep spiritual practices and purified his soul to a high extends in his life. Because of this he reincarnated as a God in the Vijayant dimension.

Birth of Pushpadanta

From the Vijayant dimension of gods this soul of King Mahapadma descended into the womb of queen Rama Devi, wife of king Sugriv of Kakandi. One morning when King Sugreev was going for ‘Guruvandana’, he called upon Queen Rama Devi. When Queen came at the door, she was looking little tired. When King asked her, she said that she was a bit tired but very happy from inside. She added that she had seen some very auspicious dreams early in the morning. It was like a chain of fourteen (sixteen according to the Digambar Jain Sect) great things. Both of them went to muni Shri Shantipriya, and asked about the meaning of the dream. Hearing this muni ji said that now King and Queen both should be happy and spend more time in devotion of lord, as they will soon have a son who will become a Tirthankara. On the fifth day of the Margshirsha Krishna month of the Hindu calendar, queen Rama Devi gave birth to a son.