Lord Abhinandannath

Jain Tirthankars

In his previous incarnation Lord Abhinandannath's soul was Mahabal, the king of Ratnasanchay/Mangalavati town in Purva Mahavideh Kshetra. Although a king, he was a simple and humble person. When people praised him, he thought that why people praised him even in absence of any virtues? When someone criticized him he would humbly say, "You are my true well-wisher and a friend who helps my progress by pointing out my faults." He became influenced by the sayings of Acharya Sri Vimal chandra that "World is full of challenges and our body is mortal, human life is difficult to get and only a human can attain complete 'moksh' and this is the only time when you can try and attain salvation". A feeling of detachment grew in him, he found an opportune moment and took Diksha from Vimal Suri.

Due to his simplicity and humility he became a very popular and ideal Sharman in his group. It is said that as a result of this rare disposition and deep meditational practices he purified his soul to an extent that he acquired the Tirthankar-nam-and-gotra-karma. Completing his age, he reincarnated as a god in the Vijay dimension.