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Lord Ajitnath

Lord Ajitnath

Father's name Jitashatru
Mother's name Vijayadevi
Color Golden
Birth place Ayodhya
Family of Birth Ikshvaku
Symbol Elephant
Sun Sign Taurus
Life Span 72 Lakhs Purv
Height 450 Dhanush
First person to donate food Brahmaraj
Period of Meditation 12 Years
Ganadhara Simhasena and 99 member
Muni 1,00,000
Aryika 3,30,000
Shravak 2,98,000
Shravika 5,45,000
Yaksha Mahayaksha
Place of attaining salvation Sammedgiri Siddhavarakut
Garbha Kalyan Jyeshta Krishna 15
Janma Kalyan Magh Shuddha 10
Diksha Kalyan Magh Shuddha 9
Kevala Jnana Kalyan Paushya Shuddha 12
Nirvana Kalyan Chaitra Shuddha 5


The soul that became Bhagavan Ajitnath, in its earlier incarnation, was the
great king Vimalvahan of Susima city in Mahavideh area- He led a sanctimonious life inspite of all the riches and princely grandeur. Due to his pious practices, his deep meditation he purified his soul to that extent where he could get the Tirthankar - nam - karma.
One fine morning when King Jitshatru (King of Vinita town) was siting in his palace's garden with his brother, Sumitra, and discussing about the preachings of Lord Rishabh Dev. At this early morning time, Queen Vijya Devi approached him. She told King Jitshatru that very early in the morning she saw fourteen dreams continuously and all these dreams were about very auspicious things. She added that she had come to him to ask about the meaning of these dreams. King Jitshatru was a learned man, he told Queen that seeing these fourteen dreams early in the morning was a clear indication that she was about to give birth to a very pious soul, a very great man he would be and that she was very lucky to be a mother of such a great soul. 
ajit nath bhagwanThis was Bagwan Ajitnath who after completing his age had descended into the womb of queen Vijaya Devi.
During the period of the queen's pregnancy, the power of king expanded. All his enemies started surrendering against him. They started negotiating and signing peaceful treaties with him. In the process he decided to keep the name of his comming son as 'Ajit' - the invincible. On the eighth day of the bright half of the month of Magh, Queen Vijya gave birth to a son who was named 'Ajit Nath'. 
Time passed by and prince Ajitnath came to a marriageable age. He had, by this time, totaly involved himself in religious activities. He was not intrested in marriage. But just to obey and pay respect to his mother's feeling he agreed to marry. He was married to Laxmi but, he kept himself reserved. Hardly would the couple meet. Time was passing by king Jitshatru became old. He wanted to spend the last part of his life in religious practices and spiritual pursuits. He called his younger brother and asked him to take over the throne. But Sumitra had no desire to the throne. He told his brother that 'Ajit Nath' should be given the throne and that is also right as far as tradition and custom is concerned. Ajit Kumar was a naturally detached person since childhood, but he could not disobey his elders. He was made the King. One day while sitting in the palace he told his uncle Sumitra that now it had become intolerable for him and that his life is not meant to be a king. He wanted to go and achieve the real goal of his life. After a long discussion Sumitr had to accept Ajit Kumars words and his son prince Sagar became King Sagar.
Ajit Kumar became an ascetic in his youth and went into remote and dense forests for his mediation and penance. His personality and the power of his highly moral and intellectual practices casted a pacifying influence all around. 
Ajit nath, in the month of Magh, discarded all the worldly things attached to his body, plucked his hair in just five jist full and recited 'Namo Sidhanam' and disappeared. From village to village, jungle to jungle, Ajit nath tried to spread the words of Sidhas. Such was the power of his words that all the natural enemies like lion and cow, wolf and deer, snake and mongoose used to sit around him peacefully and hear him speak.
Slowly and slowly his ideas started spreading all around and people started worshiping him. After twelve year period of deep meditation he attained omniscience on the eleventh day of fhe bright half of the month of Paush. The gods created the divine pavilion and Bhagavan Ajit Nath gave spoke to the people. Many of them accepted the path of renunciation.
By this time King Sagar, had conquered the six continents and became a Chakarvarti King. He had thousands of queens and sixty thousand son. All these sixty thousand prince lost their life at the same time by Jwalanprabh. The sudden death of his sons moved Sagar very much. He handed over the throne to his eldest grandson, Bhagirath, and took diksha from Ajiitnath Bhagwan.
During the last moments of his life, Bhagavan Ajitnath went to Sammetshikhar. With one thousand other Ascetics, he commenced his final meditation. He had succeeded in destroying all his Karmas and achieved the real goal of his life - Nirvana, on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra.