A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

24 Tirthankaras

The centre of Jain world and culture is The Tirthankara. The word 'Tirthankar' is the sole property of Jainism itself. Like the word 'bhagwan' is excepted by every religion, 'Tirthankar' remains as an authority with Jainism. So, 'Tirthankar' and 'Tirthankar philosophy' both are very important topics with Jainism.

Thirthankars are not incarnations of God. Jainism, otherwise, do not believe in Avtarvad.

Tirthankars are just ordinary man, born as human, but through his intense practice of kindness, equanimity and meditation, he attains the state of a Tirthankar.

Thus, a Tirthankar is an individual who destroys attachment with all the earthly things and relations, he frees himself absolutely from ignorance, he repays all his previous and this birth's dues of karmas, he detaches himself from all the good and bad, he attains absolute knowledge about present, past, and future, and becomes an omniscient in the process. He becomes a Sidha and frees himself from the cycle of birth and re-birth.

The word also means -
Tirth : ' a pilgrimage'; Thankar: ' establisher'.

A Tirthankar is he who has established a pilgrimage.

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