A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

24 Tirthankaras - Bhagwan Nami Nath Ji

Father's name Vjayaraja Tirthankaras Bhagwan Nami Nath Ji
Mother's name Vapradevi
Birth place Mithila
Color Golden
Symbol Blue Lotus
Sun Sign Aries
Life Span 10 thousand Years
Height 15 Dhanush
Family of Birth Ikshvaku
First person to donate food Vishvasen
Period of Meditation 9 Years
Ganadhara Suprabha and other 18 members
Muni 20,000
Aryika 41,000
Shravak 1,70,000
Shravika 3,48,000
Yaksha Viduthprabha
Chief Aryika Bhargavashri
Chief Listener Ajitanjaya
Yakshi Chamundi
Place of attaining salvation Sammedagiri Mitradharakuta
Garbha Kalyan Ashwayuja Krishna 2
Janma Kalyan Shravan Krishna 8
Diksha Kalyan Ashada Krishna 10
Kevala Jnana Kalyan Margashira Krishna 11

Past Life

King Siddharth of Koshambi town in East Mahavideh area had a bend for spiritual practices and. In the process of his vigorous devotion for the Arhat, he earned Tirthankar-nam-and-gotra. He reincarnated as God in the Aparajit dimension. It was from here that this soul traveled all the way to the Earth to the womb of Vipra Devi wife of King Vijaysen of Mithila clan of Rajgrih town and came to this Earth as a Tirthankar to achieve the ultimate freedom.


On the Ashwani Krishna purnima early morning queen Vipra Devi saw 14 auspicious dreams. Since then she always desired to do spiritual activities and practices. When she told about the dreams to the king, he understood the indication of coming of a Tirthankar. During the pregnancy, once a neighboring king attacked Mithila. The warriors and the war minister  as well as the king was unaware of this  attack. The terror seemed to surround them from all over. And even the king felt disturbed and worried. He did not knew what to do. While the king went to face the attack, queen thought of going on the top of the palace and see the attacking party from there as she was aware of the poised soul she was carrying in her womb. The aura of the pious soul was so powerful that attacking leaders bowed their head as soon as they saw the queen. The neighboring king asked king Vijay to pardon him for the sudden attack and forwarded a hand of friendship.
After this incident the king decided to name his forth coming son as ‘Naminath’.
On the eight day of the dark half of the month of Shravan, Naminath was born. 

As a Prince and King

Time passed by and Naminath became young handsome prince. King Vijay used to talk on religious (Dharam) topics every now and then with Naminath. These talks lead to awareness and interest of the king towards religion and religious deeds. He handed over the responsibilities of the kingdom to Nami nath and went to jungles in search of Moksha. Naminath was married and had a long peaceful reign. He had a son called Suprabh who was a strong warrior and a very able administrator. He was very generous and kind person.



One day King Naminathng was sitting with his mother and discussing something serious, when he realized that someone is sending him the message that he should now leave the vicious circle and move towards the path of Moksha. When he told this to his mother, she told him about the 14 dreams, about the influence allroung when he was yet to be born. He understood the indication and handed over the responsibilities of kingdom to his son and decided to become an ascetic.
For the entire year from that time, he distributed wealth among the people.  on the ninth day of dark half of the month of Ashadh, along with thousand other kings, he came out of the palace, removed his hair with his fist, uttered, “Namo Siddhanam” and became an ascetic.


Omniscience and Nirvan

He went roaming place to place and meditating. Many places, rivers, jungles were honored and pured by his meditation. After 9 months of spiritual practices and leading a life ordinary ascetic he reached outskirts of Mithila and while sitting under Baluk Tree he attained omniscience.
Tirthankar Naminath ji, wandered around from place to place as an omniscient saint and preached true religion for a very long period. He then went to Sammetshikhar and attained Nirvan on the tenth day of the dark half of the month of Vaishakh.






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