A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

24 Tirthankaras - Bhagwan Malli Nath Ji

Father's name Kumbharaja Tirthankaras Bhagwan Malli Nath Ji
Mother's name Suprabhadevi
Birth place Mithila
Color Blue
Symbol Kalasha
Sun Sign Aries
Life Span 55 Thousand Years
Height 25 Dhanush
Family of Birth Ikshvaku
First person to donate food Vishvasen
Period of Meditation 6 days
Ganadhara 28
Muni 40,000
Aryika 55,000
Shravak 1,83,000
Shravika 3,70,000
Yaksha Kubera
Chief Aryika Arasena
Chief Listener Narayana
Yakshi Dharanpriya
Place of attaining salvation Sammedagiri Samvalakuta (Sammetshikhar)
Garbha Kalyan Fhalgun Shukla 4
Janma Kalyan Margashira Shuddha 11
Diksha Kalyan Margashira Shuddha 11
Kevala Jnana Kalyan Margashira Shuddha 11

Past Life

City Vitshoka in the Aparvideh area was ruled by powerful king Mahabal. He had six intimate friends, Dharan, Puran, Vasu, Achal, Vaishravan, Abhichandra, since his childhood. Highly influenced by discourses of ascetics, king Mahabal decided to hand over the throne to his son, and along with his six friends take diksha and become an ascetic. On asking the six friends replied, “we have been together during good and bad times since the beginning, it would be shameful if we part company on the spiritual path. We shall also come along with you and do all the spiritual practices together.”
All seven Kings took diksha from Varadharma Muni and started their spiritual journey.
Suddenly one day Mahabal thought that he was the one who motivated his friends on this path so, he was in all ways superior to them. Under this grip of ego Mahabal thought that if he continued to do the practices at the same time and of the same type, he would remain at the same level as his friends. So, he secretly started doing some practices. Due to his this attitude he acquired Karmas that would result in being born as woman. However, as he still maintained the purity and intensity in his practices he later earned Tirthankar-nam-gotra-karma. All seven ascetics after breathing their last breath reincarnated gods of Anuttar dimension.


From the dimensions of the gods, a soul traveled into the womb of queen Prabhavati, wife of King Kumbh of Mithila town. At the dawn of the 4th day of Phalgun Shukla, when trees were shedding away there dead leaves as if a Kevali sheds his Karmas, and new leaves were taking place of the old, queen saw fourteen auspicious dreams. She had heard about these dreams when King was discussing about the dreams of Tirthankar mother with an dream expert. She was waiting for the day to break and first she did was to rush to King and tell him about the dreams she had taken. Both were overwhelmed with happiness to know that some of their good deeds have given them the opportunity to become Tirthankar parents.
During the third month of pregnancy the queen had a desire to sleep on a bed made of fragrant flowers of five colors and to smell a bouquet of flowers called ‘Mallika’. Poised soul residing in her womb all her desires were fulfilled.
But the eleventh day of the bright half of the month of Margshirsh surprised everyone when queen gave birth to a girl. King was happy and ready to accept the miracle of the almighty for a girl becoming a Tirthankar. Learned people were called, Pandits, Rajguru all studied the stars of the newly born and they all indicated that it was the birth of a Tirthankar. When Karmas come down to action even the almighty cannot do anything.
Mothers love for fragrant flowers inspired the king to name her daughter as Malli kumari.

As a Princess

malli nathTime passed by and Malli kumari grew up and became a beautiful princess. Her beauty was unmatchable and unexplainable. Whoever saw her once could not ever find a thing more beautiful. Her beauty was talked about everywhere. But Mallikumari lead quite a detached life. She spent most of her time in prayers and other spitual activities.
Once king ordered expert goldsmith to repair a pair of divine earrings which a famous merchant had presented to the King for her daughter. But the goldsmith could not do it. Many other artisans were invited but no body could repair those divine earrings. Annoyed king expelled them all. These artisans talked about the beauty of Mallikumari wherever they went. Two of the artisans went to King Shankh of Kashi and described the miraculous beauty of Mallikumari. King got very much interested in her and sent a marriage proposal to King Kumbh, but was rejected.
Once Mallikumari’s younger brother constructed an entertainment room within the palace. One of the artist was highly talented. He had seen a glimpse of Mallikumari’s feet and just by those glimpses he constructed an exact statue of her. He was hoping for a praise and prize from the prince, but instead he was thrown out of the palace. The exiled artist again constructed the same statue and sold it to Hastinapur king Adinshatru. Adinshatru was attracted towards Mallikumari.
One day a female mendicant named Choka, who was a scholar of vedas, came to Mithila. She came to Mallikumari in order to attain the royal family’s attention and appreciation. She started preaching Mallikumari and when she had nothing more to say, Mallikumari said very politely, “with due respect to your attire, I am surprised at your ignorance, Choka. Know that every charity is not done with religious or pious intent. Even cleaning the body and anointment of a Tirth are not sacred if they are not done with pious feelings. A blood stained cloth can never be clean by washing it with blood. The basis of religion is a discerning attitude. To an irrational person, even penance causes discomfort and irritation.”
With this logic of Mallikumari, Choka became annoyed and decided to revenge her. She decided to get her married to a king who already had many wifes. So, she went to King Jitshatru of Kampilyapur in Panchal state, and gave a mind blowing description of Mallikumari. He decided to seek the hand of Mallikumari in marriage.


mallinath_6 kingsSo, in this way six kings sent their marriage proposal to king Kumbh.
They were :

  1. King Pratibuddha of Saketpur
  2. King Chandrachhay of Champa
  3. King Rupi of Shravasti
  4. King Shankh of Varanasi
  5. King Adinshatru of Hastinapur
  6. King Jitshatru of Panchal

These six Kings were the same six friends of Mallinath’s previous birth.
King Kumbh was aware of the fact that Mallikumari was to be a Tirthankar and laughing at the ignorance of the kings he rejected their proposal. The annoyed kings declared to march on Mithila with their armed forces to revenge their insult. King Kumbh was very disturbed at this. Knowing the cause of her father’s anxiousness, she thought of a plan. She already had Avadhi Gyan (power to know all about the physical world), she made a chamber in the palace garden and in its center installed a life statue of hers. The statue was an exact replica of Mallikumari but with a hidden opening under the neck. It was hollow from inside. Six adjacent chambers were also erected around this central circular chamber. These six chambers had windows opening in the main chamber. These windows were so designed that onlooker could only see the statue and nothing else. Mallikumari started putting one handful of food she ate inside the statue every day.
When the stinking smell of the food started coming out of the statue on opening it, she invited all the six kings individually to discuss about the marriage. Each king thought that he was the only invitee. When the kings arrived they were allotted the separate chambers. All the six kings took the statue to Mallikumari and admired her beauty. They started dreaming about marrying her when, suddenly, Mallikumari opened the covering from the statue. The awful smell of rotten food made the six kings tried rush out of the chambers. They were jolted and shocked to find that the doors of the chambers were locked and there was no escape. When they were shouting and yelling, Mallikumari appeared and said, “O slaves of passion! You are totally infatuated by female beauty and desire to have it and enjoy it. She opened the doors of the chambers and to all six surprised kings said, “the stink caused by just a few handfuls of food is intolerable by you. Mind you, this body is nothing but a statue made of bones and flesh and maintained by the same food. Why such an infatuation for such decomposable thing. All the six kings acquired Jati-smaran gyan. They asked pardon from king Kumbh and Mallikumari and left for their kingdom.
Just after the event Mallikumari announced her decision to become ascetic. After year long charity she became ascetic along with three hundred males and equal number of females. 

Omniscience and Nirvan

Immediately after her diksha, she acquired Vipulmati Manahparyav gyan and the same afternoon she attained omniscience.
Tirthankar Mallinath ji, wandered around from place to place as an omniscient saint and preached true religion to all. In her first discourse she talked about philosophy of equanimity. The six kings also took diksha during her first discourse.
He then went to Sammetshikhar and on the bright half of the month of Chaitra, she shed away all the four Ghati Karmas and attained Nirvan.





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