A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

What are Jeev Yoniyan

Jainism strongly believes in life after death. Of course, what life we get after death depends upon what we did in our previous life. It is all attached with Karmas – good Karmas and bad Karmas. Lets try to understand the types of Jeev and find out what we are and we would have been.

In the entire world Jeev (living being) is divided into two categories :
Mukti and Sansaari.

Mukti - are free from any kind of Karmas – good or Bad. These are completely free souls.

Sansaari – because of Karmas they keep on rotating from one position to another. They can be souls, body, tree, anything.

They are divided into two – Sthaavar and Tras. And in total there are 84,00000 different yonians under this category and we are one among them.

Sthaavar jeev are :

Ekindri jeev (one sense): They are very minute. And they constitute  about 52,00000 yoniyans among 84.

They can be classified as :

- Prithvi (Earth) – They are that jeevs who’s body is comprised of Earth, like soil, gems, salt, metal, mercury, etc. there are in total 7,00000 yoniyans under this.
- Aapkaya (Water) – water bodies like snow, fog, hail, dew etc. in total 7,00000 yoniyans under this class.
- Teukaai (Fire) – fire is the body of such jeevs like spark, flame, light, etc. again 7,00000 yoniyans under this class.
- Vaaukaai (Wind/air) – thunder storm, hurricane, storm, etc. 7,00000 yoniyans under this class also.
- Vanaspati (Plants) – trees, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. under this category there are 24 yoniyans.
This sums upto 52,00,000 yoniyans of Ekindri Jeev.
Tras Jeev

Bayindri Jeev (having two senses – touch and taste) – shell, lice, ant, termite, etc. 2,00,000 yoniyan in this part.

Teyindri Jeev (possessing three senses – touch, taste and smell) – mosquito, ants, spider, etc. 2,00,000 yoniyan in this part.

Chouindri Jeev (having four senses – touch, taste, smell and sight) – bees, cockroach, fly, etc. 2,00,000 yoniyan in this part also.

Panchindri Jeev (Five senses – touch, smell, taste, sight and speech) 26,00,000 yoniyans under this category. Out which are

- Triyanch (animals – mammals, aquatic, birds) (20 types) – monkey, squirrel, parrot, birds, fish, crocodile, snakes, etc.
- Manush (Humans) (303 types) – Tirthankaras, chakarvarti kings, saints, gurus, sadhus, sadhvis, comman man, etc. they are all born from unclean and unhygienic areas. They have pain during birth and also during their death. They have fixed life span.

Basically humans are divided into three categories :

a) Karmbhumi – 15 types, 5 of Bharat Area, 5 of Ayeravat Area, 5 of Mahavideh Area. Karmbhumi is that area where lively hood is earned by working on land, where one can learn and understand the ways of Moksha, land where Tirthankars, Chakarvati kings, Vasudev, Baldev, etc great men take birth and where one can attain Nirvan through deep spiritual practices and meditation, that land is called Karmbhumi.
b) Akarmbhumi – 30 types, the land where one does not have to earn livelihood by working. Where all the desires are fulfilled by wish fulfilling trees (Kalp Variksh), where the new born are twins (Yugliks), that area is known as Akarmbhumi. Like, Jamboo dweep, Dhatki khand, Pushakrardh dweep (Island) are such areas.
c) Antardweep – 56 types - the situations of this area is similar to those of the Akarmbhumi.

The total here comes out to be 101. there are 303 types. The rest are again categorized as those who are born from the female’s body and those who just come in any way but not through Garbh – female delivery.
- Devtas (Gods/Goddesses) (198 types)
5 – Anuttar dev
9 – Grahik dev
12 – Vaymaanik dev
9 – Lokantik dev
3 – Kilviksh dev
10 – Jyotish dev
7 – Vanyantar dev
8 – Vayantar dev
10 – Bhuvanpati dev
10 – Tiryak dev
15 – Parmadhami dev
99 – Pariyapta dev
99 – Apryapta dev
total there are 198 types of Dev’s.
- Narkis (hell) (14 types) – if commited any sin, the soul goes to hell, where it has to pass through tremendous torture. (discussed before)
1 – Ratnprabha
2 – Sharkrambha
3 – Valuka prabha
4 – Pankprabha
5 – Dhumprabha
6 – Tam prabha
7 – Tam-stam prabha
7 – Priyapta
7 - Apariyapta

So, above was a very brief description about the types of living beings on the earth. We can be any one of these in our future life, we were one these in our previous birth and we are one of them in this birth. If we do good, speak good, see good, think good, all together if we make better use of all our senses, we are likely to get better yoni in next life and visa versa.
It was told to me that Human life is the best yoni because it is only through this yoni man can get salvation and not any other yoni. Not even anutar Dev can get salvation unless he takes birth as human. Such precious is human life. Only from here we can get ultimate freedom and it is this yoni which can make us revolve back in the circle of 84,00,000 yoniyans.
So, lets understand the importance of This Life and start working for the better. Hell, Heaven or salvation – all routes are from here. And we have to decide.

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