A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

Do's And Don'ts Of The Religion

Following are some things which every person in the religion is supposed to follow :

1.   Ahinsa Parmo dharam - the main principle of jainism should be the     
      principle of life of every jain.
2.   No food or should be taken after sunset and before sunrise.
3.   No tamsik (grown underground) food like onion, garlic, ginger
      etc. should be consumed.
4.   Meat, alcohal, Makhan (if it is separated from milk), honey are
      considered to be the ways to hell and so should not be consumed.
5.   Raw milk, curd, lassi is also not allowed to consume.
6.   Do not think even to kill the animal that is dangerous.
7.   Not to be greedy.
8.   Not to tell lie.
9.   Not to keep the feeling of fraud, conspiracy, breaking trust, deceive
10. Not to say bad about anybody because it comes right back to us.

All these food do's and dont's are there because they tend to have high concenteration of tiny organisims in them. Consuming these items will mean consuming these organisims. And religion does not allow this.

11.   A person should marry within the religion and not outside it.
12.   A person in religion should at sometime, as per the situations, give alms
        (daan) to some religious place.
13.   He should respect elders and take good care of old.
14.   Every should obey his/her parents.
15.    There should be no feeling of enmity, jealously, anger, revenge. 

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