Swarn Mandir Hoshiarpur

122 years old approx. Historic Jain Golden Temple, made by Lala Gujaraamalaji and his son Dolatmalaji. Here is installed a very much impressive idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Vasupujya Bhagavan.

The entire dome is got decked and covered with sheets of gold by Lala Gujaramalaji who spent lots of wealth on it. That is precisely the reason why this Jina temple is known as Svarnamandir in V.S. 1948. About Vikram Savant 3, there were about 500 Jain Temples in this area. Now only this one has survived. This temple has golden roof.

This is the only temple of this kind in India. There is a very rich library of old hand written manuscripts. We have here an exquisite Samavasarana in metal brought from the temple at Kota-Kangada; such a one is not visible anywhere else in India.