Shri Vijay Vallabh Samadhi Mandir

Acharya Vijay Vallabhsuri (October 26, 1870 - 22 September 1954)was a Jain monk. He was a disciple of Vijayanandsuri. He worked for the religious as well as improving the social life of people. He worked in Punjab so he was given honorific Punjab Kesari.

Acharya Vijayanand Suri (4 June 1837– 20 May 1896), also known as Atmaramji of Gujranwala, was the first Swetambar Murtipujaka Jain monk in modern times to receive the title of Acharya.

A large number of educational institutions set up by Acharya Vallabhsuri as well as his followers in his memory are imparting morals-based education in various states - Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, H.P., U.P., Gujarat, Maharashtra.

Also there is a Idol of Devi Padmavati in the basement of temple.