Samed Shikhar Ji Teerth

Being the salvation (moksha) place of 20 Teerthankaras and large number of saints, this  teerth holds the top most position in Jainism Teerth Diary and is also called as Teerthraj (King of Teerths).
Sammet Shikhar is in eastern India. When just one auspicious event of one Tirthankar, can convert a place into a pilgrimage, simply access and analyse the holiness and power of that pilgrimage where as many as twenty Tirthankars have gained light of 'nirvana'. Although the first light of 'nirvana' was lit-up in Ashtapad (in the Himalayas), today that pilgrimage is invisible to us. Under such a circumstance, Sammet Shikhar is that pilgrimage which we can hail as the 'Shikhar' (Summit) of the first light of 'nirvana'. The truth is that Sammet Shikhar is the topmost light of 'nirvana'. 
First Tirthankar to take salvation on this hill was Lord Ajitnath followed by, Sambhavnath, Abhinandan - prabhu, Sumatinath, Padmprabhu, Suparshwanath, Chandraprabhu , Suvidhinath, Sheetalnath, Shreyansnath, Vimalnath , Anantnath, Dharmnath , Shantinath, Kunthunath, Arnath, Mallinath, Munisuvrat Swami , Neminath and Parshwanath spent the evening of their lives on this great mountain and attained the supreme status of 'moksha'. Really, Sammet Shikhar is an astonishing , unique and awakened holy. A must visit for every jain atleast once in lifetime.