Shri Shatrunjaya Giri, Palitana is an ancient famous place of salvation, from where three Pandavas Yudhishthir, Bheem & Arjun got Nirvana (Attain full & final liberation from world). This is a sacred place from where 8 crores of Dravida Kings attained salvation by accepting penance for self-purification, thus vanishing Ashta Karma. This Siddha Kshetra is described in ancient Prakrit & Sansakrit texts.

Shatrunjaya Teerth is very important Kshetra among-Shwetambara Jains. This is the only Teerth, where 3500 temples are built by Shwetambers. So many temples out of them are fine specimens of art.
Among these temples, like the moon among, stars in the sky. There is an ancient Digamber Jain temple standing high situated within a rampart.