Bajrang Garh

The fort is about 10 km from Guna on Guna to Aron road on the bank of Chapet river. It spreads over 72 bighas of land on a high hill. The fort was built in 16-17th centurt by Khichi (Chauhan) rulers of Gagron state. It came under Raghogarh state. During Akbar’s time it was the headquarters of a mahal of the Chanderi Sarkar. During the reign of Raja Jai Singh, Daulatrao Scindia sent his general John Baptiste to attack the fort in 1816 A.D. Raja Jai Singh was defeated and the fort was destroyed.
The Bajrang Garh fort had four gates – 1. Guna Darwaja 2. Raghavgarh Darwaja 3. Gadha Darwaja and 4. Mahalghat Darwaja. These were in all four directions. The portions, which are still intact inside the fort, are 1. Moti Mahal and 2. Rani or Rang Mahal. Besides, Shri Ram Mandir and Shri Bajrangbali Mandir also exist there. There is a gunnery and some wells inside the fort. The rampart of the fort is ruined, however, many bastions are still intact. The fort still attracts visitors in a large numbers. The Beesbhuji Durga temple, a 13th century Jain temple with some red stone idols of tirthankaras, the Gopal Krishna temple and Hanuman temple are also worth a visit.