A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

24 Tirthankaras - Bhagwan Chandra Ji

Father's name Senaraja Tirthankara Bhagwan Chandra Ji
Mother's name Lakshmanadevi
Birth place Chandrapuri
Color White
Symbol Chandra
Sun Sign Scorpio
Life Span 10 Lakhs Purv
Height 150 Dhanush
Family of Birth Ikshvaku
First person to donate food Somadutta
Period of Meditation 14 years
Ganadhara Datta and other 93 members
Muni 2,50,000
Aryika 3,80,000
Shravak 2,50,000
Shravika 4,10,000
Chief Aryika Varunashri
Chief Listener Maghavirya
Yaksha Shyama
Yakshi Jwalamala
Place of attaining salvation Sammedagiri Lalithaghanakuta
Garbha Kalyan Chaitra Krishna 5
Janma Kalyan Pushya Krishna 13
Diksha Kalyan Pushya Krishna 11
Kevala Jnana Kalyan Phalguna Krishna 7
Nirvana Kalyan Phalguna Krishna 7

Past Life

King Padma ruled over Manglavati town. He was a simple and religious person. Because of his long spiritual practices he earned Tirthankar-nam-gotra. Completing his
age, he reincarnated as a god in the Anuttar Vijay dimension and completed his age there before taking birth as Chandraprabhu.


Chaitra Krishna 5 was the day when early in the morning, queen Lakshmana saw fourteen auspicious dreams, she called upon a dream expert and learnt the meaning of her dreams. There was pleasant atmosphere all over. People were friendly and exchanging gifts. It was an atmosphere of festival all over. She and king Mahasen were filled with joy to know that their and their family’s name will be immortal in the world as they were to be the parents of Tirthankar. Pushya Krishna 13 queen gave birth to a son.
Queen was resting on a bed, that had blue colored bed sheet over it. She was also wearing blue dress with blue dupatta. The child was covered with this dupatta that had silver studs on it. It seemed as if among the stars, moon is laughing. They decided to keep the name of the child as ‘Chandraprabh’.

 As king

Chandraprabh turned out to be of matured, patient, courageous and understanding nature. His popularity spread all over. Where ever he went, he became like them and people agreed to what ever he said. He was married first to Surdatta and then to many more. King Mahasen had handled over the responsibility of the kingdom to Chandraprabh and went into jungles in search of Moksha.


One fine day Chandraprabh was sitting on a balcony of his palace and was into deep meditation. ‘When will I get rid of this cycle of birth and rebirth’ was what he was thinking. When he heard someone saying that he should move ahead to achieve the main goal of his birth – of his life. The entire human community is waiting for the knowledge which he will give them. When he opened his eyes there was nobody but he understood that they were Lokantik Dev and also realized the real purpose of his life. Straight away he went to his mother’s room and asked her permission for what she already knew.

Omniscience and Nirvan

After this day King chandraprabh gave charity every day for the entire year. After an year, he went outside the town, discarded all his worldly possessions, removed hair with fist and took diksha and disappeared into jungles. After three months of acute spiritual practices, under Priyungu tree, he shed away all the four Ghati Karmas and attained omniscience. The light of this Keval Gyan spread all over the Lokakash. Chandraprabh became ‘Tirthankar Chandraprabh’. For considerably long period he continued to enlighten the people and propagate the true religion. When his end approached he went to Sammetshikhar and after a month long fast and meditation he attained Nirvan.



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