A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

TYPES OF BODIES - As believed in Jainism

It is believed that on Earth there are five types of bodies which exist. The classification is done as follows:

1. Aaudharik Shareer (A Human Body) - A human body or a body of skin and bones is Aaudharik body. All the humans, animals and vegetable kingdom have this type of body
2. Tejya Shareer (A body with heart inside) – It is composed of electric matter. It is a body which has a beating heart inside and energy to digest food that is eaten. This type of body is Tejya Shareer.

3.  Kaarman Shareer (A body which can take in Karmas) - Any body which has power to obtain or take in Karmas is Kaarman body. Karmas can be attached to the body by action, speech or even thinking. So any capable of thinking, speaking, working can attach good or bad karmas with its soul this is Kaarman body.

4. Vaikriya Shareer (A body of strength obtained through worship and sadhna) - A sadhu or a Sadhvi obtains a glow on their body. They have some unmatched powers which are apart from the normal human body. This they obtain after hard worships, high spiritual practices , simple living, high morals mentaly and physicaly, meditation etc. Such body is Vaikriya body. So, when any being of heaven, hell, humans as well as animals possess some extraordinary power that is called Vaikriya body.

5. Aharak Shareer (A body as is developed by very hard dedication and sadhna and can do the unbelievables - Only a true saint can posses this type of body) A sadhu after long sadhna and devotion and meditation can have this body as has enumerous powers. If this saint has any problem or question or any sort of confusion in mind then he can make a Aharak body and can send it to Mahavidya Area where 20 Tirthankars always remain. He can get the solutions of his problems from them and come back. Such is the power of This Aharak Shareer.

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