A Religion Of Non-Violence : "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam"

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> Listen to pravachan present Gachadipati Shreemad Vijay Ratnakar Surishwae Ji M.Sa.
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Jainism is the nature in its purest form. And it as old as nature itself. This is a religion that aims at the highest development of soul which we can do in this very life. With a desire to discover the meaning of life, Jainoutlook is a sincere effort to translate ancient wisdom, philosophy and powers into a modern and simple language. Although the descriptions are brief, it will serve as a good guide for all of us to understand the powers of one of the oldest religion on Earth: 'Jainism - The Religion Of Non-Voilence'. It is a non-profitable organization which aims at the development and spread of peace, prosperity, and religion.

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